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Community Knowledge Building And Self Regulated Learning Education Essay Free Essays

string(156) a case or circle that is associated with at least one different builds by means of coordinated release, stand foring the connections between the develops concerned. Foundation In Hong Kong, it has just been a long clasp that tutoring puts the boss point of convergence on people ‘ capacities, dispositions and chances without significantly exploring the chance of larning through network collaboration. Regularly just proper insight and undeniable achievements are instructed in conventional schoolrooms. The greater part of this kind of cognizance is inactive that does non advance profound idea and enquiry. We will compose a custom paper test on Network Knowledge Building And Self Regulated Learning Education Essay or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now There is no system for students to get master learning achievements. In add-on, casual or quiet comprehension is overall overlooked in school course of studies, however it is all of import as the proper cognizance. The obtaining points are other than crystalline to students. Understudies are busy with endeavors and exercises however they do non hold an unmistakable idea about the grounds why they need to make those endeavors and exercises. Issue 2: Pedagogical Paradigm Shift because of the Introduction of the NSS Curriculums Since 2009, the course of investigations of most optional schools have experienced an emotional change because of the acknowledgment of the New Senior Secondary ( NSS ) course of studies. Two significant adjustments are the introduction of wide surveies and undertaking based procurement. The expansive surveies subject empowers understudies to do associations among various subjects, inspect issues from a grouping of positions, and develop individual perception of prompt pertinence to themselves in the cutting edge universe. On the different manus, venture based procurement ( PBL ) intends to empower students to construct insight through building up their autonomous obtaining capablenesss, conventional and communitarian achievements. Clearly the new course of studies underline on the development of capacities of understudies to consolidate data assembled to fabricate their ain comprehension autonomously and cooperatively. Be that as it may, most teachers and understudies are still non arranged for this polar modification and experience baffled about the new way of guidance and securing. Issue 3: The Problems of the Commonly Used Learning Platforms Despite the fact that some Hong Kong schools comprehend the occupations of the customary tolerant guidance assault, great obtaining stages that can bring through the requests of this new procurement condition are uncommon in the market. Notwithstanding that numerous schools have introduced figuring machines with Internet course in schoolrooms, there is no conspicuous distinction in student larning quality between this kind of PC upheld schoolrooms and the conventional 1s. Deliberate obtaining and expertness development.can scarcely be cultivated in this kind of schoolroom scenes. So as to better larning quality and effectivity, a few schools in Hong Kong have been following sure learning stages for around ten mature ages, yet they can only let students to transfer their work, download stuffs commanded by educators, station messages to or read messages from electronic notification sheets, and so on.. The stages simply act like electronic data storehouses that can non really help understudies to larn and assemble perception on their ain or cooperatively, non to advert that the UIs are non simple to-use by and large. This kind of larning stages negates the e-learning frameworks proposed by Angehrn, Nabeth and Roda ( 2001 ) . They asserted that e-learning ought to be incredibly customized, student driven, cultural, dynamic, synergistic, associated with researchers ‘ closes, strong of continuous obtaining, etc. Research of Existing Learning Platforms Supporting Collaborative Learning Sing the issues referenced above, students in Hong Kong need a learning stage that can gracefully utile and strong establishments for them to pull off and manufacture discernment, and larn cooperatively and constantly. The stage ought to other than help them to improve use of the bing on-line assets and oversee and solidify the data they have acquired for self-managed obtaining. Subsequent to examining to begin with on bing procurement stages, there are three significant registering machine bolstered community work/learning ( CSCW/L ) frameworks accessible for guidance plans: FLE3, Synergeia and Knowledge Forum. FLE3 ( Leinonen et al. , 2002 ) , which is a detached starting stage created under the ITCOLE undertaking, involves a safe, a gathering and a common workspace called WebTop apparatus, Knowledge Building device and Jamming device severally. The last apparatus permits researchers to do utilization of a wide range of interactive media advanced antiques. Synergeia ( Stahl, 2004 ) is other than structured inside the ITCOLE undertaking that gives free licenses to instructive foundations. It partitions paperss and informations through safes ( the Basic Support for Cooperative Work framework ) and discussions ( Instant Messages ) severally in a nonconcurrent situation. The most solitary apparatus is MapTool that empowers a gathering of members to make idea map cooperatively and simultaneously. The confab apparatus is other than synchronal. Information Forum was started by Marlene Scardamalia and Carl Bereiter. They have suggested that schools ought to be rebuilt as perception structure network dependent on the idea that larning, expertness development in impossible to miss, needs colossal endeavor and cultural help that is non open in the main request school condition. Understudies ought to get non-asymptotic securing achievements, for example , figure out how to constantly oblige to changes in the earth brought about by others ‘ rendition. This technique will perpetually do parts to the corporate cognizance of a school network, changing the school into a second-request condition. Sight and sound Learning A procurement stage that can guide students usefully to fabricate perception from grouped sorts of data, especially the media one ( Shank, 2005 ) , is of central significance. Van Merrienboer ( 1999 ) proposed a few rules of bringing of guidelines in sight and sound securing situations. He considered interactive media larning in electronic conditions extremely significant in the moving toward from this point forward as it encourages circulated separation bringing and consolidates introduction and conveying establishments. He accepted that interactive media procurement can be utilized to back up competency-based obtaining, and strong, productive and engaging community securing. The interactive media capablenesss of the entirety of the three stages truly fulfill the rules. Idea Maps The MapTool of Synergeia permits members to fabricate corporate insight through pulling develop maps: a graphical curio that communicates comprehension of researchers in a signifier that can be seen simple. The improvement of develop maps was started by Novak and Gowin ‘s ( 1984 ) examine refering human procurement and cognizance building. In a develop map, other than called discernment map, a build is ordinarily positioned inside a container or circle that is associated with at least one different builds by means of coordinated release, stand foring the connections between the builds concerned. You read Network Knowledge Building And Self Regulated Learning Education Essay in class Article models The connections are depicted by action words regularly. The builds are thought up progressively with the most broad develops at the highest point of the guide. The development of a build map is reliant on its unique circumstance. Idea maps holding comparative develops can change starting with one setting then onto the next and are incredibly peculiar. Idea maps can be utilized to mensurate the perception of a person about a subject in a particular setting. Subsequently, build maps built by various individuals on a similar subject must be extraordinary. In a similar sense, there is no such an incredible concept as the â€Å" right † build map about an impossible to miss subject, as there can be numerous accessible right portrayals of the subject. Idea work has helped individuals of various ages acquire perception in grouped Fieldss. At the point when develops and partner words are painstakingly picked, these maps are amazing assets for recognizing amenities of criticalness. Each build map permits its Godhead to do utilization of a for all intents and purposes boundless arrangement of partner words to demo how significances can be created. There are no confinements on what words can be utilized to sort out builds or partner phrases. Ideas are regularly things and partner phrases action words. It is prescribed to use as hardly any words as workable for builds and partner action words. Partner expressions can show any kinds of connections and are non restricted to a characterized set. Information Building Information Forum is structured blending to the 12 Knowledge Building Principles proposed by Marlene Scardamalia and Carl Bereiter. It is a synergistic obtaining stage worked in an organized situation. It can take a shot at both wired and remote networks and clients can dish it by means of the Internet. The model of Knowledge Forum is cross-segment, cross-age and diverse. It has been utilized in guidance, wellbeing consideration and concern networks in the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand. This mirrors the sociocognitive and social systems fundamental perception procurement and insight imaginative movement are essentially a similar that are relevant to information developers everything being equal, ages, and civic establishments. The 12 Knowledge Building Principles are as per the following: Genuine Ideas, Authentic Problems Thoughts are each piece existent as touchable things. Students are considerably more inspired by existent life employments than reading material occupations and mystifiers. Information Forum encourage

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Rubber Band Investigation Essay Example

Elastic Band Investigation Paper I will research the expansion of an elastic band, which I will submit to expanding Newtons of power being applied as 1N weights.PlanI will set the trial up as follows:The elastic band will be connected to an answer stand, I will quantify the beginning size of the elastic band and afterward I will gauge it three separate occasions including 1N of power each time.I will proceed with this procedure until 10Ns where I will stop, to maintain a strategic distance from Hookes law coming into place.To make it a reasonable test we are rehashing each degree of power included multiple times, trading the loads in the middle of each measurement.We will take a normal by including the 3 outcomes together and afterward isolating by the aggregate sum of results. On the off chance that any outcomes which are peculiar or strange happen I will retake these outcomes to make a progressively precise by and large result.We point find a consistent increment in the augmentation of the elastic band, as expandi ng measures of power are applied.A key factor that should be controlled is how much the elastic band has been extended from one lot of 1-10 Newtons results to the following. Ideally this won't be an issue on the grounds that the elastic band won't arrive at its constraint of elasticiticty until after 10 Newtons of power being applied.Extra InformationThe Law of flexibility found by the English researcher Robert Hooke in 1660, which expresses that, for generally little misshapenings of an item, the relocation or size of the disfigurement is legitimately relative to the distorting power or burden. Under these conditions the item comes back to its unique shape and endless supply of the load.Elastic conduct of solids as indicated by Hookes law can be clarified by the way that little relocations of their constituent particles, iotas, or particles from typical positions is additionally relative to the power that causes the displacement.The misshaping power might be applied to a strong by extending, packing, crushing, bowing, or turning. So an elastic band shows flexible conduct as indicated by Hookes law in light of the fact that the little increment in its length when extended by an applied power copies each time the power is doubled.Mathematically Hookes law expresses that the applied power F rises to a steady k times the uprooting or change long x, or F = kx. The estimation of k depends not just on the sort of versatile material viable yet in addition on its measurements and shape.At generally enormous estimations of applied power, the disfigurement of the flexible material is frequently bigger than anticipated based on Hookes law, despite the fact that the material stays versatile and comes back to its unique shape and size after expulsion of the power. Hookes law depicts the flexible properties of materials just in the range in which the power and uprooting are relative. Now and then Hookes law is detailed as F = - kx. In this articulation F no longer methods t he applied power yet rather the equivalent and oppositely coordinated reestablishing power that makes versatile materials come back to their unique dimensions.No exacting wellbeing safety measures should be utilized just evident light precautionary measures are vital, as the main potential peril would be if the elastic band snapped, anyway this won't occur if there is close to the most extreme burden on the spring of 10N at any one time.This will likewise evacuate the issue of the remain on which the investigation is occurring from falling over.1. Now the restriction of proportionality has been arrived at this is the place Hookes law is no longer accurate.2. This point is the elastic groups versatile cutoff if the power is expelled from the scoundrel will no longer come back to its unique shape.Safety precautions* Be certain to keep your feet out of the zone where the majority will fall if the elastic band breaks!* Be certain to clip the ring stand to the lab table, with the goal th at the mass doesn't pull it off the table.* You have to balance enough mass as far as possible of the spring to get a quantifiable stretch, yet a lot of power will for all time harm the band.** Hookes Law says that the stretch of a spring is legitimately relative to the applied power. state Stress is In images, F = kx, where F is the power, x is the stretch, and k is a consistent of proportionality. In the event that Hookes Law is right, at that point, the chart of power versus stretch will be a straight line.I will begin with the zero finish of the ruler even with the base of the elastic band when the spring scale is holding tight the elastic band. This will permit the adjustment long of the elastic band to be effectively determined.Apparatus I will use:1 answer stand3 elastic bands10*1 Newton weightsRulerMy input variable is power in Newtons applied and my yield variable is augmentation of elastic band.PredictionI anticipate that after 10 N of power has been applied to the elastic band it will arrive at its versatile breaking point and afterward it will begin to adhere to Hookes law, where the sum the elastic band is loosened up of shape past its unique size.I additionally foresee that the more prominent the weight applied to the band, the further the band will extend. This is on the grounds that augmentation is corresponding to stack thus if load increments does as well expansion thus extending distance.I likewise anticipate that the outcomes will create a straight-line diagram and if I somehow managed to proceed with the investigation to additionally consider as far as possible I foresee the chart would straighten out after 11 Newtons were the elastic band would be loosened up of shape, or Hookes law would come into play.Extension = New length Original lengthto check whether my expectation is right I will explore, and acquire results utilizing Hookes Law. He found that expansion is relative to the descending power following up on the elastic band.Hookes La wF=kxF = Force in Newtonk= Rubber band consistent proportionalityx = Extension in CMMethod1. I set up the answer remain as appeared in chart 1 I put my jacket on the floor to secure the tiles on account of the elastic band arriving at its versatile breaking point and snapping.2. I additionally secured the counter remain to the table with a clasp rather than my unique arrangement of simply burdening the remain with my textbooks!3. I estimated the beginning length of the versatile band and afterward hung the band structure the paw of the counter stand , I at that point included expanding measures of power by including extra weights.4. I at that point estimated the expansion or augmentation of the elastic band from its unique size.5. I at that point evacuated the loads and set them back on and afterward recorded the outcomes to additionally times to get and average and a progressively precise arrangement of results.6. I at that point rehashed this system for 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 Newt ons of power and estimated the expansion of the elastic band.7. I at that point chose to attempt to additionally explore Hookes law by really going past 10 Newtons of power to locate the flexible furthest reaches of the elastic band, (when the elastic band snaps!)8. I at that point found the middle value of out the entirety of my outcomes and produce a diagram, were I could see a line of best fit and demonstrate my expectation was right.ConclusionAfter doing this examination I was extremely content with how it went, the viable was performed effectively and we even had the opportunity to add and test to test the elastic groups versatile limit.I demonstrated the speculation to be right and I likewise demonstrated my forecast was a precise forecast of what happened.I realized a ton about Hookes law and flexible cutoff points because of this examination and I feel it was a beneficial examination in helping me to comprehend about flexible limits.By breaking down my outcomes I have demons trated my predication right that there will be an expansion in the length of the elastic band as you increment the measures of loads added.I was additionally totally right that the elastic band would have breaking point of flexibility at about 10N of power where it will be for all time in a bad way this increment in elastic band size occurred as predicted.The thing that Surprised me about my conclusive outcomes was the way that the groups didn't snap until 13.5Newtons of power were applied, I anticipated the constraint of the groups to be in the district of 10-12Newtons of power, not 13.5.To dissect these outcomes with my logical information I would need to state the expansion long of elastic band is legitimately corresponding to the expansion in power applied so extending separation additionally increases.We altered are plan somewhat on the grounds that we had additional time toward the end we tried the restriction of versatility to attempt to demonstrate or negate Hookes law.By ex amining my charts with my logical information I can work out that the more power applied to the band, the more prominent the augmentation, that is the reason both my chart get slowly taller as opposed to climbing on the off chance that you needed to create a rising chart you could begin with 10 Newtons of power applied and continue taking more loads off to bring down the extension.From my twofold elastic band try you can obviously observe there is less augmentation all through in light of the fact that with two groups they can share the power applied in this manner with two groups there is a higher versatile breaking point then with only one elastic abnd.Overall I am satisfied with the result of this Investigation I accept that I have demonstrated Hookes law to be right and that after the constraint of versatility the elastic band is forever put rusty.

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Mass Customization What, Why, How, and Examples

Mass Customization What, Why, How, and Examples Mass customization is an important business concept, which numerous brands are adopting these days. Moreover, the concept is also utilized in the development of marketing strategies for product and service lines and during the process of recognizing the target audience of a brand or business. © | JeremyRichardsIn this article we start discussing 1) what is mass customization; going then to describe 2) approaches to mass customization; 3) how it is helpful for entrepreneurs?; 4) insights into modern concepts related to mass customization; and 5) challenges in mass customization.WHAT IS MASS CUSTOMIZATION?It deals with making changes to a product or service to satisfy a given consumer group. The changes could be as small as a variety of different flavors or colors or as complex as developing a completely new product for a particular client-base.Mass customization combines the personalization and flexibility of custom-made business manufacturing and takes it to another level of mass production, which offers a lower unit cost. Therefore, different mass consumer groups are targeted in mass customization rather than targeting a single client. This concept is utilized in numerous business types for instance in software that allow users to change or add certain functionalities according to their requirement. Similarly, Macbooks are available in different RAM sizes, hard disk capacities and the outer finish to provide users exactly what they are looking for. Mass customization is also known as “build to order” or “made to order”.APPROACHES TO MASS CUSTOMIZATIONThere are four basic approaches to mass customization, depending on customization of the product itself or its representation. 1. Collaborative CustomizationCollaborative customizers talk to the clients to help them recognize what they need, to recognize factors that will fulfill those needs and to create customized products following those guidelines.This approach falls under mass customization and is primarily meant for businesses with highly-customization-centric clientele. Moreover, this approach seeks to help clients who struggle to spot exactly what they want and find themselves confused between a huge variety of options. Through decreasing options for an individual client, a collaborative customizer helps to understand the needs of the customers and strives to make it clear to them.2. Adaptive CustomizationBusinesses that follow the approach of adaptive customization offer one standard product to the customers along with a few customization options. This approach makes sure that the product is designed in a manner that it can be customized by the end client with absolute ease.This approach is ideal fo r a client-base that has different expectations from the product in different situations and occasions. With the availability of technology, clients can easily customize the products on their own.Pennsylvania’s Lutron Electronics Company forms the best example of this approach. Its clients can make use of its lighting systems to develop the required mood at home or to maximize productivity during the work hours through a wide range of available switches. The design of this lighting system enables clients to create different moods for reading, romantic moments or lively parties. It does so by connecting different lights together and enabling the clients to select the effects.3. Cosmetic CustomizationCosmetic customizers advertize a standard product differently to different groups of clients. This approach works well when clients use the same product but want them to be presented differently. Such products are not customized but instead they are packaged differently to suit differen t kinds of customers.For instance, the benefits and attributes of a product are advertized in a different manner, it is displayed in a different way, promotional programs are communicated and designed differently, and the product mostly carries the client’s name. Although this type of customization is, as its name suggests; cosmetic, it offers great value to a lot of clients. Each year, clients spend billions of dollars on products such as named sweatshirts and T-shirts.The Planters Company (Nabisco) made use of cosmetic customization to fulfill dissimilar merchandising requirements of its retail clients. As compared to Dominick, Jewel demanded diverse promotional packages while Wal-Mart demanded more mixed nuts and peanuts as compared to 7-Eleven and Safeway. The standard packages of Planters only included small, medium, and large sized cans in the past. However, now the company can easily switch between diverse shipping containers, labels, and sizes to satisfy the demands of its customers.4. Transparent CustomizationTransparent Customization deals with providing customized products to individual clients without telling them that the products are exclusively produced for them.This approach work in cases where the customer does not want to repeat what she/he needs incessantly or when client needs are predictable or obvious.Businesses that deal in a transparent customization examine client’s behavior without direct communication with them and then discreetly customize their products for them.Ohio’s ChemStation has successfully recognized the needs of its customers and has presented them with amazing, standard products. Its industrial soap that can be used for commercial uses like a factory floor cleaning and car washing was whole-heartedly accepted by the market when it launched. ChemStation also analyzes the washing requirements of each customer and produces suitable detergents for them. The company maintains a record of the client’s usage pattern thro ugh continuous monitoring and delivers soap to their houses when it is about to fall short without needing the customers to call up and place the order.HOW IT IS HELPFUL FOR ENTREPRENEURS?It is true that mass customization caters to the masses, but that does not mean that it is only meant for big corporations and brands. In fact, it provides a lot of assistance, food-for-thought and motivation to entrepreneurs as well. First and foremost, as you apply the concept of mass customization to the designing process, as an entrepreneur you will have a remarkable amount of creativity to deal with. It refines the design phase and modifies it to satisfy the customers in the best way possible.This concept mainly deals with the consumer and helps entrepreneurs in identifying who their customers are and what are their likes. Since all customers like to be treated in a special manner, mass customization can bring great business benefits to entrepreneurs if they deal with it in the right manner.Th ere are different approaches and types of mass customization, and hence entrepreneurs can use this production method in the way that suits them the best. Adaptive customization is probably the most utilized type of mass customization among entrepreneurs, as in this production technique standard products are created which can be customized by the users according to their requirements. Since the customized production only begins when the order is placed, there is a lesser chance of a loss.Therefore, in the current scenario where businesses are all ears to the expectations and needs of the clients and customers are willing to pay extra to ‘feel good’, mass customization leads entrepreneurs to the right way with the right kind of products and customization options.INSIGHTS INTO MODERN CONCEPTS RELATED TO MASS CUSTOMIZATIONHow mass customization has evolved?The global production industry began with mass production, which focused on producing standardized products for the masses. Howe ver, the focus began shifting to the consumers in the 20th Century where all commercial sectors such as retail, service, technology, and manufacturing started taking the likes and dislikes of the consumers very seriously. This is because the customers were evolving, and the demands began to vary from customer to customer.Currently, the concept of mass customization is being used in businesses like high-end boutiques where exclusive outfits are created for women according to their taste. However, different sectors are also benefiting from it through the usage of technology that is making it easier to create customized products for masses. Majority of the marketing and production experts think that the concept is here to stay.If mass customization is conducted on products that are exchanged from one business to another, it is referred to as a continuation of total quality management; whereas when it is conducted for the end customer, it is called ‘egonomics’. It does not matter wh ich industry it operates in, latest information technology allows companies to track consumer preferences, and user-friendly manufacturing machinery allows end-products to satisfy those preferences.Distribution ChannelsAn effective distribution and sales system is required to enable customization, as it needs a system through which the product could be channeled to the end customer. In fact, some companies use the distribution method as the mass customization process whereas other companies alter and make modifications to their delivery systems to ensure customization.Companies such as Levi Strauss, The Custom Foot, and Ascot Chang make use of retail models that require them to employ trained and professional sales staff to take custom measurements in the factory outlet of the brand. After manufacturing, these brands directly ship the customized product to the client.Mass customization requires trained sales representatives at outlets so that the concept can be implemented. On the o ther hand, there are numerous manufacturers who have adapted mass customization in alternative distribution and sales channels. For instance, after 10 years of using middlemen retail shops such as Lord Taylor, Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus, Brenda French took her clothing brand to a next level through selling all of the items via in-house trunk shows. After years of manufacturing clothing for women, she realized that every woman wanted something different for herself and hence she began customizing for her clients and sending the orders directly to their house.According to Brenda French, a company needs to have a factory or a production unit in order to mass-customize. Outsourcing the customization process to another company or individual cannot make this process work, according to French.The delivery systems in mass customization for business-to-business products are different. For instance, Ohio based detergent manufacturer, ChemStation, uses an inventive distribution system , which makes use of 41 digitally connected production units all across the country to combine its custom cleaning products. The company began offering customized detergents to clients according to the kind of stains they were battling against.Current Trends and TechnologyAutomated-manufacturing-machinery incorporated with an order-taking structure is important for mass-customized production lines. Numerous mass producing companies combine the order-taking structures with an internet-based client interface.Internet has created a lot of opportunities for mass customization and has made companies responsible to maintain a continuous interaction with the clients in real-time. This has renewed the delivery systems with customers always staying on top of the updates through various mobile apps, emails, regular updates from the company or the online progress tracking system (if the company has any).Numerous companies such as, News page and Yahoo are utilizing the Internet t o create customized news items for the visitors whereas a rising number of businesses are using the ease of the online platform to enable the clients to design their products. Music based companies such as Volatile Media and Musicmaker have become successful in this arena through delivering customized CDs.The Future of Mass CustomizationAccording to some business theorists, mass customization is most likely to replace mass production. This is true for numerous operational businesses as mass customization reduces production overruns and wasteful expenditures. However, for majority of the businesses, mass customization is the best available option only if the option of mass production is not available. Currently, all companies that are custom-producing their product lines are charging a premium price as compared to companies that are mass-producing.The responsive market of today seems to like the idea of being the center of attention and is willing to pay a higher price for it. For in stance, in Levi Strauss, 80% of the custom ordered jeans fall under the categories of the available sizes â€" the clients still choose to custom order through the ‘Personal Pair’ method of the company to feel satisfied and have a feeling of control. The Custom Foot’s Keegan confirms the same client behavior.We no longer have consumers that are dumb and have big corporations dictating to them what they want. In fact, with the alert public of today, the power structure has been altered forever because businesses have to focus on customers if they wish to stay in the competition and this shows that mass customization will keep moving forward.MASS CUSTOMIZATION CHALLENGESChallenges with higher costs: Probably the biggest challenge of mass customization is the fact that it is not an appropriate option for all markets, clients and products. Most customers are not interested in having a customized light bulb or washing detergent. Moreover, customized products cost more and clients ha ve to wait in order to get them. For instance, regular Chinos by Land cost around $35 whereas a custom pair costs around $54.Successful for luxury and not successful for basic products: If we take into consideration the prospect of making profits and doing good business, then for most business types the profits earned by the customization does not outweigh the complexity and cost of producing customized products. The Yankee Group’s Lisa Melsted believes that mass customization is not an economically feasible option for most businesses and primarily depends on the product type. This concept works better for high-end, luxury items such as designer wear and cars.Challenges with return of customized product: Mass customization also creates a lot of problems for the manufacturers when the products get returned. Mainly, this does not happen as the product is created according to the likes of the customer but some returns will take place. In such cases, businesses that do not have mechan isms to reverse the customization tend to face many issues. Moreover, the chances of another client wanting the same product as someone else are too narrow, which can put the business in a tricky situation. Therefore, majority of such companies do not have any return policies or simply bear the loss of return in case it allows it.Challenges with supply chains: The biggest obstacle to mass customization is the fact that most businesses’ supply chains cannot efficiently handle it. The systems of suppliers are mostly optimized and designed for producing prearranged amount of products rather than catering to any unforeseen demand. Many do not even integrate latest supply-chain management applications like just-in-time inventory and automated planning, which results in lesser flexibility, specificity, and visibility with mass customization.Supply chains in the current business world are based on the push model whereas the ones associated with mass customization are based on the pull mo del, which is unimaginably difficult to manage.Such supply-chain problems can only be solved if businesses compromise between mass customization and mass production to create standard products and configure them in a manner that they can be customizable in the future. For majority of the businesses, it is not economically feasible to start the customization process in the start of the supply chain.This means that most businesses will only be able to implement mass customization in a partial manner. However, even this partiality can offer advantages to manufacturers. As the concept increases the scope of a product, it helps manufactures to cater to different types of consumer markets. It also introduces manufacturers to new target markets and allows them to explore the possibility of manufacturing products for them.Mass customization is going to take a few years before it becomes a household name. Even then, it will more likely be a rough adaptation of conventional mass production, a ccording to some theorists. On the contrary, products that cannot exist without customization will be customized no matter what happens to this concept.

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Business Plan - 3324 Words

DeVry University 01 CHAPTER CONTENTS Business Marketing Plan for My Grocery Store Bartholomew Albert BUSN MARKETING PLAN B. Table of Contents Pages 1. Executive Summary 1.0 2. Company Description 0.5 3. Strategic Focus and Plan 1.0 a. Mission/Vision b. Goals c. Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage 4. Situation Analysis 1.0 a. SWOT analysis Internal Strengths and Weaknesses: Management, Offerings, Marketing, Personnel, Finance, Manufacturing, and Research and Development (R amp; D) External Opportunities and Threats: Consumer/Social, Economic, Technological, Competitive, and Legal/Regulatory b. Industry Analysis c. Competitor Analysis d. Company Analysis†¦show more content†¦Those feeling the most pain from rising food prices were consumers in low-income nations where food purchases account for a very large portion of monthly household budgets. This is a threat to me because if people in my area don’t have a high paying job than they won’t be shopping with convince they well be shopping for price. Demographics should be one of the first things that you take into consideration. Who are the people shopping in your store? Are they interested in buying organic foods? Study the buying habits and preferences of your customers. And, then give them what they want. In a grocery store you really cant base anything off of one customer. At a grocery store you have to look at every customer as an individual because they are all different. The top two influences that the consumers will choose my store over others is that I am offering online ordering with delivery. Also the other things that makes my business different than others is that I will have a variety of foods even from different cultures as well. These two things are amazing to have and not to many other companies offer that. I personally think that the ordering online and delivery is going to be a big hit because during the winter not many people want to get out of the house and this way they don’t have too. Also buy havin g different culture foods and needs in my store it will attract more customers and a variety of people.Show MoreRelatedBusiness Plan For A Business Essay1708 Words   |  7 Pagesbrand-new business, expand an existing company, or get financing for a business venture, you will need to write a business plan. A business plan not only lends your business a sense of credibility, but also helps you to cover all your bases, increasing your chances of success. Although writing a business plan can be a lengthy, intimidating project, it is not necessarily difficult. Here is an overview of how to write a successful business plan. What to Include in Your Business Plan Your businessRead MoreBusiness Plan For A New Venture1355 Words   |  6 PagesA business plan can be used for beginning a new business, to create a more profitable business or for consideration of new services and ideas. A business plan is a written document that gives details on a business idea or venture and present the outlook of the business over a number of years. This plan will guide the business project management and operations, assist in vital decisions and measure performance. There are many types of business plans and not one of them is considered a universal planRead MoreEssay about Creating a Business Plan1119 Words   |  5 Pagesyou must have guidelines, so to speak, to know where you are heading in the future. That is why before you can start a business you need to draw up a detailed business plan. Business plans are considered blueprints. A business plan is what is needed to get your business off the ground and to attract potential investors. A business plan is way to show that you are in the business to make money. Introduce the company and the product/service idea for the new venture. Triple S Night Club is a new companyRead MoreBusiness Plan For An Casual Dining Mexican Restaurant1804 Words   |  8 PagesThe critical analysis essay is based on the business plan of an upcoming casual dining Mexican restaurant in an upmarket locality of Benowa Gardens, Gold Coast, Queensland. The restaurant is called Burrito Bar, which specialises in modern Mexican food along with alcoholic drinks and operates on a franchising model. The business plan was made by one Mr.Paddu for the purpose of procuring a bank loan/private funding to kick-start the project. The business plan follows the general format used in the restaurant/hospitalityRead MoreRenee Business Plan5082 Words   |  21 PagesBusiness Plan for a Startup Business The business plan consists of a narrative and several financial worksheets. The narrative template is the body of the business plan. It contains more than 150 questions divided into several sections. Work through the sections in any order that you want, except for the Executive Summary, which should be done last. Skip any questions that do not apply to your type of business. When you are finished writing your first draft, you’ll have a collection of small essaysRead MoreBusiness Plan For A Business1546 Words   |  7 Pagesenterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative or risk†. They are usually characterized as people with greatly valued self-reliance, with high optimism and people who who strive for distinction through excellence. I am interested in starting my own basketball business and becoming an entrepreneur. In order to start a business I need a business plan. From research, I have learned that my business plan needs to have an executive summary, identification of my business, financial recordsRead MoreBusiness Plan For A Business840 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Business plans are statement of a business goals, reason they are attainable and plans on meeting it’ (FoxBuisness, 2013). A business plan maps the course and gives a detail plan on how these goals are achievable. It is also important to establish a solid business plan for funding. Some small business use venture capital, bank loans, personal funds, and private investors as sources of funding. The business plan must therefore, sell investors. A well-written convincing business plan can buy investorsRead MoreBusiness Plan1439 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness Plan What is Blueberry Nights? Type: bar and restaurant for young people Category: II. class Service method: plate service Menu type: A’la Carte Opening hours: Sunday to Wednesday 10:00-22:00 Thursday to Saturday 13:00-05:00 No day off Target market: students, tourists and residents Location: Budapest, Margit kà ¶rà ºt Few steps from Margaret Island Easy to reach by tram Seating capacity: 120 (80+40) 1st floor: kitchen area, 80 seated restaurant, bar, armchairsRead Morebusiness plan5494 Words   |  22 Pagesbecause we as a young generation that want to open new shop sold the â€Å"Keropok Leko†. OBJECTIVE OF THE ORGANIZATION Every business opportunity begins with the existence of various customers needs and wants for particular product or service. A need is something that is basic in life such as food, clothes and shelter. Therefore, our companies take these advantages and venture a business based on food industries. Our main activity is to manufacture keropok lekor that is made from fish paste, flour, and saltsRead MoreBusiness Plan For A Business1866 Words   |  8 Pages Business Plan Buiness model in theory and practice according to Wikipedia is used for a broad range of informal and forma l descriptions to represent the core aspects of a business, including the purposes of that business, its process, target customers, of ferings, strategies , infrastructure, organizational structures, trading practice, and operational processes and policies . Below, we would look at two kinds of business model (franchise and tradition al business) , their pros and cons, o r their

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Personal Statement Becoming A Leader - 1220 Words

â€Å"She knew you would make the right decisions,† is what my sister said to me as the room of onlookers glared awaiting my response. Amidst the grief of the moment, I struggled to grasp ahold of my abilities, and thoughts, resisting the urge to scream at the universe and engage my right to squander in my grief. In reality, I was the youngest sibling, holding the accountability of being an active leader. This was not your everyday decision making process, it was the planning of burial arrangements after the loss of our mother. Rapidly, decoding through the streams of my emotions, I collected my strength and continued with the process. In the end, I survived by drawing upon my emotional intelligence, intuition, and practical skills. There†¦show more content†¦I learned how to interact with diverse populations. In the course of work, I was exposed to program planning, development, and evaluation procedures from skilled professionals within the agency. My achievements on this project led to two promotions in a five year period. Promoted to a Unit Supervisor in 2009, I supervised a diverse team responsible for determining eligibility for OWF, Food Assistance and Medicaid. We achieved our core responsibility of meeting payment accuracy and timeliness standards. I also participated as a member of the resource committee, responsible for reviewing and developing departmental policies. Along with serving as the co-chair of the 2011 annual United Way campaign. During this campaign season we organized first time events such as â€Å"networking over mock-tails†, breakfast waffle bar, and food trucks resulting in an increasing in the annual fundraising total. As a result of success and demonstration of strong leadership in prior roles I was promoted to a Division Manager in 2012, responsible for managing the Call Center. The Call Center is a very critical component to customer service, but was at the time operating with a less than efficient message taking business model. Challenged by understaffing, ineffective call routing, and clerical staff with limited knowledge and proficiency. I willingly accept the task of realigning operations to meet our core mission of improved customer service.Show MoreRelatedPersonal Statement : Becoming A Leader790 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Becoming a leader is a skill that grows throughout one’s life. Individuals are not born leaders rather the skills and traits are developed over time. For me personally, I have broken down my life’s leadership training into three phases, the early years, my teen years, and my adult years. Each segment is unique and builds for the others. Every phase has been absolutely necessary to build my leadership philosophy. Leader in My Early Years of Life I was born to older parents. Read MorePersonal Leadership Statement: Becoming an Educational Leader983 Words   |  4 PagesHome Economic teachers to some seem strange. In retrospect my personal values, leadership strengths and leadership lens validate many of these career choices in the past and will continue to play an important part in my future as an educational leader. My â€Å"five top personal values† according to the â€Å"Core Leadership Values Identification† are â€Å"Creativity, Fun, Learning, Relationships and Relevance† (Core leadership values, ). These personal values have dictated much of my career path choices and helpRead MoreAnalysis Of Becoming The Boss By Linda Hill1050 Words   |  5 PagesAnalysis of â€Å"Becoming the Boss† Linda Hill’s article â€Å"Becoming the Boss† details several helpful and important ideas for first time leaders and managers to consider. My first overview of the article included thoughts that the article had a somewhat discouraging and negative outlook on new managers. Hill makes the statement throughout the article that the transition into becoming a leader or new manager is often very traumatic and the failures of the new managers are not surprising. After a moreRead MoreLeadership Questionnaire For Becoming A Leader1261 Words   |  6 PagesReasons for becoming a leader vary for every individual from such as leading to become superior or for the respect that comes with being a great leader. The world is full of great leaders who strive to make their mark on the world. An effective leader focuses on value, culture and capability to lead those within an organization and journey includes the team along with mentoring a replacement in the ever-changing healthcare environment (Al-Sawai, 2013). The role as a leader brings along responsibilityRead MoreChartered Accountant1097 Words   |  5 Pagesevaluating financial statements, consulting, preparing budgets and tax returns and analyzing financial information in order to help them with business strategies, auditing services, management, and maximizing production. Chartered Accountants are recognized as leaders of the Canadian business society. The intense programs of education and training have shaped each CA to become an evident leader with financial expertise to help any business grow and succeed in society. Becoming a CA The careerRead MoreSelf-Assessment of Emotional Intelligence Essay651 Words   |  3 Pagescharacteristic in becoming a good leader. â€Å"Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage oneself and ones relationships in mature and constructive ways† (Kinicki Kreitner, 2009, p.137).Being a good leader entails more than just being smart; leaders need to be able to connect to their employees emotionally and empathetically. Organizations today not only look for leaders with the skills, but leaders that can emotionally connect to employees to obtain the organization’s goal. â€Å"Leaders have alwaysRead MoreAn Individual s Level Of Communication1338 Words   |  6 Pagesskill/motivation to take charge and the ability to manage subordinates, based on their level of communication. I believe that the survey’s outcomes were favorable and accurate in my case. Considering statements such as â€Å"I’m optimistic about life, and I can see beyond temporary setb acks and problems† and â€Å"I think that personal feelings shouldn t be allowed to get in the way of performance and productivity† are some of my main ideologies that I apply. For example, I worked at a computer repair shop and workingRead MoreEssay on Effective Communication Skills1315 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction An important step to becoming an effective leader is to develop effective communication skills. Communication is the transmission of meaning from one person to another or to many people, whether verbally or non-verbally (Barrett, 2006). Effective communication enables leaders to lead. Effective communication occurs only if the receiver understands the exact information or idea that the sender intended to covey. As a leader, studying the communication process is important. CommunicationRead MoreJohn W. Wright s Coach Wooden 1683 Words   |  7 PagesWriters Gardner and Wooden explain that an organization, its leader, and its followers can only be strong if there is an alignment of moral standards and values, as well as open communication. In Coach John Wooden’s book, he states that having high morals and values dictates the capabilities to make responsible and appropriate decisions, which constitute good character. Coach Wooden states, â€Å"a good explanation of character is simple: respect for yourself, respect for others, respect for the gameRead MoreRunning Head: Group 3 Db12 Resilient Leadership1. Group1345 Words   |  6 PagesPorter Liberty University Resilient Leadership Throughout this course, most of the subject matter focused on, or related to, the art and science of successful management and leadership. Robert Dees’ book ‘Resilient Leaders’ is about the qualities it takes to not only be a successful leader, but to bounce back when times are difficult. True leadership stands the tests that time throws its way. The takeaways and lessons learned are valuable in every aspect of life which involves working with others and

Cause and Effect Essay Marijuana in Schools Free Essays

Cause and Effect Essay Marijuana can be found on every college campus in Canada and is the drug of choice coming in right behind alcohol. The Department of Justice Canada conducted a survey and found that, â€Å"almost one-third (29%) of college students had reported using marijuana during the previous 12 months of 1998. (http://www. We will write a custom essay sample on Cause and Effect Essay: Marijuana in Schools or any similar topic only for you Order Now justice. gc. ca/eng/pi/rs/rep-rap/2002/qa02_2-qr02_2/p2. html). According to a similar study, the majority of students on college campuses that use marijuana will also participate in other high risk activities. This destructive behavior includes things such as cigarette smoking, binge drinking and sex while intoxicated. Marijuana is so easy to obtain and can be very tempting to experiment with, especially if you have already had a few drinks and your thinking is impaired. Marijuana causes many internal and external problem for a college student, Marijuana can lead to academic problems, addiction, and physical/mental issues, marijuana can also lead to serious problems with the law. All these issues can potentially damage the outcome of a student’s future. Marijuana prices have a major effect on the amount of use by college students at any given point in time. Although it may be more socially available on college campuses, the price still determines the usage. The fact that marijuana is illegal in Canada helps to keep the price at a seemingly higher level. This artificial price illusion regulates the buying, selling and usage among college students. Compared to alcohol, marijuana is much more accessible, especially on college campuses. Getting alcohol requires an ID or someone with an ID. Getting marijuana only requires someone that supplies the drug. So even though it is illegal, marijuana is seemingly more common. Since possession of marijuana is illegal, it is not surprising that the consequences can be so debilitating. While attending college with federal financial aid, you run the risk of jeopardizing your federal aid by being charged with a misdemeanor. Possession of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor and if you are charged, the federal government has the right to take away any government aid that you were granted. So not only do you have a record for possession, but more than likely you are going through the judicial system of the college or university and may be suspended or expelled. Marijuana use can also lead to academic problems. Students that participate in these behaviors have a tendency to spend more time socializing than concentrating on what they should be, their academics. These students spend more time partying than studying which greatly affects their academic performance. Two of the physical effects of marijuana that directly affect academics are difficulty in problem solving and poor memory. Students may become less and less motivated to be involved in campus activities, and also may become decreasingly concerned with their long-term goals and career plans. Users may have a hard time limiting their use and may build a tolerance to the drug. This tolerance means that the user now requires a larger amount of the drug to get the same effect, and may develop problems with their jobs and personal relationships because the drug becomes such a major part of his or her life. Many students see marijuana as a â€Å"recreational† drug. With increased â€Å"recreational† use, the drug can become addictive. It is not so much an addiction, but a psychological dependence for smoking, and that feeling of intoxication. However, besides being illegal, marijuana may contain unknown contaminants that can severely harm your brain and lungs. With all of the risks of the drug, it is amazing that people still use it â€Å"recreationally†. It is common for students to first experiment with their peers, whether it be a friend, sibling or just an acquaintance. The peer pressure is the most likely cause of first time users. Physical effects of marijuana are different according to the way in which it is taken, where it is used, the expectations and or ideals of the user, and whether or not it is used in conjunction with other drugs. Users often have chronic bronchitis and increased chances of getting lung cancer. Someone who smokes marijuana regularly may have many of the same respiratory problems that tobacco smokers have. Marijuana also affects the brain, researchers say that THC changes the way in which sensory information gets into and is acted on by the hippocampus. The immediate effects of marijuana other than a feeling of intoxication are: bloodshot eyes, anxiety, confusion and paranoia, loss of coordination, and increased appetite. Mental effects show that the drug can impair or reduce short-term memory, alter sense of time, and reduce ability to do things which require concentration and coordination. Marijuana’s effect on a student can tally up to some very serious consequences that a student can suffer, the cause and effect of marijuana lead to problems of addiction, health problems, trouble with the law and poor academic performances. How to cite Cause and Effect Essay: Marijuana in Schools, Essay examples

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The Ku Klux Klan

In this paper, there is going to be a discussion on Ku Klux Klan, in particular, whether this organization is a peaceful or it is a terrorist one. It is going to be argued that going by the present day standards and definitions, the KKK could be classified as a terrorist organization.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Ku Klux Klan specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In order to support this statement, the history of the Ku Klux Klan or KKK is going to be considered by looking at the activities they have constantly been engaging in over time. KKK was a secretly organized group that engaged in violent activities. The group first came up in the course of the Reconstruction period in Alabama. It carried out its operations beginning from the year 1867. According to Lutz Lutz (2009), the Ku Klux Klan is an example of an effective conservative terrorist organization (Lutz Lutz, 2009). The initial KKK and organizations of the same nature that came up under various names were prosperous in the combined struggles they undertook in assisting the white elite to recapture power over local as well as state governments â€Å"in the old Confederacy† (Lutz Lutz, 2009, p.14). It is pointed out that through employing intimidation and terror, the freed slaves as well as the Republicans were gradually excluded and effectually demoted to the political limits of the society (Chalmers, 1965). The attempts to ensure preservation of having equal rights by using the ‘criminal justice system’ did not succeed for the reason that it was not possible to get convictions. It is reported that intimidation of witnesses was carried out, and the judges did not accept to serve because they feared the risks that were involved (Chalmers, 1965). Such promotion of terror made it possible for KKK â€Å"to reserve the decisions of the Civil War as far as political control of local and state government† (L utz Lutz, 2009,. p.14).Advertising Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is reported that the target of the Klan were the people who had been set free, black school teachers, the missionaries in the north and the white Republicans (â€Å"Ku Klux Klan in Alabama†, 2010). This group hardly carried out their terrorism activities during daytime and preferred to carry out operations in the secluded rural areas during the night. They would target a particular house and go there during the night and surround it, break the door and pull out the occupants to the backyard. They would then torment the men by beating them up and the women were sexually assaulted (â€Å"Ku Klux Klan in Alabama†, 2010). The KKK carried out their operations â€Å"as the military wing of Democratic Party in Alabama† (â€Å"Ku Klux Klan in Alabama†, 2010, p.1). Even if a small number of Democrats engaged in praising the group publicly, a large number of the leaders of the party were the KKK members and the party renounced the brutal acts committed by the organization (â€Å"Ku Klux Klan in Alabama†, 2010). The main objective of this organization was to stop the Republican Party development and the group attained this objective by engaging in intimidating and beating up those people who supported the black party (â€Å"Ku Klux Klan in Alabama†, 2010). Taking the case in Alabama, the appearance of this group in the year 1868 contributed to an instant and considerable decrease in the number of the Republican voters. At the ‘gubernatorial election’ which took place in 1870, the KKK released â€Å"a wave of terror in such Republican-heavy counties as Greene and Sumter and kept thousands of potential voters away from the polls† (â€Å"Ku Klux Klan in Alabama†, 2010, p.1). Having the support of this group, Robert B. Lindsay, who was a candidate for the Democratic Party, obtained a narrow win over the Republican candidate. During the same year, the KKK was able to help the Democratic Party to be in power again in parliament (â€Å"Ku Klux Klan in Alabama†, 2010, p.1). The Ku Klux Klan also engaged in opposing several social changes, which were a product of freedom that took place in Alabama. As a routine, the group engaged in forcing out the teachers in the northern schools (â€Å"Ku Klux Klan in Alabama†, 2010, p.1).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Ku Klux Klan specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More They also engaged in burning several churches as well as schools, which were places where people who had been freed, held their political rallies with an intention of preventing the establishing of the black political goals as well as religious and educational ones (â€Å"Ku Klux Klan in Alabama†, 2010). Later in time, the moment the â€Å"o ld elite† returned to power, the reason for the Ku Klux Klan to vanish consisted in the fact that the group was not needed anymore. The authorities of the state could now be charged with the responsibility of engaging in the maintaining the control that they had over the Blacks. Gurr points out that in a situation where the state authority did not succeed, lynchings were used to threaten the black people so that they could not go beyond the social boundaries that were put in place (Gurr, 1989). The terrorism campaign that was initiated by KKK group was perpetuated by other groups that were less formal but still carried out their activities equally effectively for a long period of time. The KKK appeared again in the year 1915 and also after the Second World War ending (Webb, 2002). When this group came up again in 1915, it remained to be anti-black the same as it had been before. However, at that particular time it was more inclined towards being an anti-foreign organization (L utz Lutz, 2009). The group was against foreign ideas and particularly those ideas that were deemed to be radical. They were also against any person who was not willing to abide by the fundamentally Protestant religious principles as well as morals which were dominant in their membership views (Chalmers, 1965, p.33). This group was not limited to the states in the south despite the fact it was most powerful in this area. In a large number of other regions, the group was effective in employing violence and terror in the enforcement of its position in order to ensure maintenance of social influence over the black people among other target groups (Webb, 2002). Using lynching as a means to attain social control received public backing among the Whites (Hofstadter, 1970). This group mostly vanished by the period the U.S engaged in the Second World War. The last form of this group appeared again after the Second World War coming to an end with the intention of responding to the struggle f or civil rights and it still engaged in the acts of terrorism (Lutz Lutz, 2009).Advertising Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, it is pointed out that at this point the group could not be regarded as being a successful group because it did not succeed in achieving any of the goals it had set of continual social control as well as discrimination (Lutz Lutz, 2009). Basing on the discussion, it can be concluded and highlighted that the Ku Klux Klan was actually a terrorist organization. This is found to be true when the organization’s activities are considered basing on the present day standards as well as definitions. This organization was formed with an intention of engaging in various violent activities which were intended to terrorize some particular quarters of the American society. The organization came up and then disappeared, however, appeared again twice in the course of time. However, considering the activities they engaged in at different times in history, they were actually terrorist acts. Several authors that have been presented in this discussion kept referring to the organization as a terrorist group and none of them at any particular point referred to it as being a peaceful organization. They tortured people, raped women, burned down churches and schools among other terrorist activities. The group was against foreign ideas and particularly those deemed to be radical. This group was not limited to the states in the south even if it was most powerful in the area but also operated in a large number of other regions. The group was effective in employing violence and terror in the enforcement of the position they held in order to ensure there was maintaining of social influence on the black people, foreigners as well as radicals. References Chalmers, D. M. (1965). Hooded Americanism: The History of the Ku Klux Klan. New York: Quadrangle Books. Gurr, T. R. (1989). Political Terrorism: Historical Antecedents and Contemporary Trends. Newbury Park, CA: Sage. Hofstadter, R. (1970). Reflections on Violence in the United States. New York, N.Y: Alfred A. Knopf. Ku Klux Klan in Alabama during the Reconstruction Era, (2010). Retrieved from Lutz, J.M. Lutz, B.J. (2009). How successful is terrorism? New York, N.Y: Forum on Public Policy. Webb, C. (2002). Politics, Society, and the Klan in Alabama, 1915-1949 by Glenn Feldman. Journal of American Studies, 36(2), 347-348. This essay on The Ku Klux Klan was written and submitted by user Corban R. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.